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Well, if you are dating some girl then you would know how difficult it becomes to find out some impressive gift for your girlfriend who already has almost everything. It is very obvious that you want to buy a present that she likes and uses but there is no point buying something that she already has. Hence, time to find out some cool gifts which girls would love to have.

  • Girls love accessories and the fact is no matter how many they already own, but it is always nice to have an addition to the existing collection. So, you can buy some nice silver bracelet or some unique necklace and to give it a cool touch, get her name carved on it. This can absolutely impress your girlfriend.
  • If you have some photography skills, then time for you to utilize it. There is hardly any girl on the planet who does not like to get clicked. Click some nice photos of her with you or maybe some of her solo pictures, and frame them and gift them to her.
  • You can make her a nice scrapbook in which, stick all those items which are parts of fond memories of both of you. Whether it was the ticket of your first movie date or maybe pictures from your Euro trip etc. All such pretty little things should be clubbed together into the scrapbook. This can be the best way to go down the memory lane.
  • If your girlfriend is fond of reading books, then get the latest book launched by her favorite author.
  • If a girl has a huge collection of cosmetics and jewelries, then get her a nice organizer to keep all her belongings organized. This is not only a unique gift but also it can be very useful for her.


Name any popular brand in the market today and you will notice that there are plenty of designer bags and purses available with them to pamper your needs. However, one thing that stops most of the people from buying their favourite bag is the price of that product. At times, the cost of it exceeds even our monthly salary. You can find many brands and individual sections under those brands that generally do not go on sale anytime throughout the year. Still, here we are with some fabulous ideas on how you can save money while buying your next designer handbag.

How to buy discounted designer bag

Some of the tips that can help you save money when you buy your next dream handbag include:

  • Before buying a bag, make sure that you browse different international e-commerce websites to compare prices. If another international websites are offering the product at lower price, then order the bag using their portal.
  • If you are sure of the design and committed to buying it despite of the on-going financial crunch, you can opt for going for a replica or second copy of your favourite handbag. This help you save money and also add more items to your collection in the same price.
  • Try picking an unusual colour as they are generally on sale and available at lower prices. People prefer picking basic colours like black, blue, cream, and grey. This is where rare coloured bags get neglected, thus entering the ‘sale’ section.
  • You will find great discount coupons in case you sign up for the emails and newsletters of renowned designers. They keep offering discounts and special offers that can help you buy wonderful and designer purses for less.
  • One smart thing you can do is save your money to spend during the Christmas and New Year season. Most of the designers offer sale in that period. Also, keeping the holiday and family season in mind, new launches also happen.

No matter where you are, Mumbai or Milan, don’t wait much if there is a sale going at any of the famous brands like Gucci and others.My husband got me a Gucci bag from here at discounted rates and I still love you use it at every occasion.



Anyone who knows to switch on and off a camera can take a video, even kids take a lot of videos these days. However, these are amateurs and no one would give them the important job of wedding videography. There are some jobs which are best left to professionals.

However, not everyone is great and have enough experience to back it up. It is important to find a good wedding videographer. Where and how to find, a good professional videographer may be your question.  The answer lies below

  • Subscribe to many video websites. There are some exclusive sites where people post the videos they have taken and one can search based on location or theme of the wedding. A friend Got a great wedding videographer here. They did a thoroughly professional job.
  • Check with your wedding planner and photographer, they may have references to people whom they work with.
  • You can also do a generic search on the internet. However, this may throw up excellent ones and sometimes mediocre ones. The chance of getting a good videographer is poor compared to other methods.

Once you have chosen your videographer, it is important to have a discussion with them. This would really help you in finding out if your styles match. There are some questions which you should ask them before coming to an agreement, like

  • What kind of equipment and camera they will be using
  • How many shooters will be there, so that you can mix various angles and make a nice video
  • What would be the theme of the video?
  • Have they ever done a wedding at the same venue, if so then look at them
  • You should also look at their previous work
  • Do they have any references or they have worked with your wedding planner or photographer?

Thus, finding a good videographer is not such a big deal if you are clear on what you want and where to find them.…

Wedding Videographer

Are you nervously excited and happily anxious about your first date? Relax! It’s a very common feeling and more so if you are genuinely interested in the girl. Before you go searching for some first date questions to ask the girl, take a minute to read about what you should do to have a memorable, happy first date.

  • It is essential that you make your date speak. Be a good listener. Talk about yourself but ensure that there is an equal amount of conversation exchanges between the two of you.
  • If you’re really interested in this girl, you would want to know about her. So, it’s natural to ask questions. However, in your over-enthusiasm, do not go overboard and ask her too personal questions on sensitive issues which make her feel uncomfortable and defensive.
  • It is necessary to look natural and appear comfortable. Make her feel comfortable and do not be very aggressive or withdrawn. It is important to respect the other person’s need for space and make her feel secure and comfortable around you.

Now, that you have read the tips on how to conduct yourself during a conversation with your first date with this girl, let us look at some real questions, that you can ask depending on the situation and her comfort during the date.

  • What is your favorite holiday destination? What is the best holiday you’ve ever taken? Any funny embarrassing incidents that took place during your holiday? You could narrate your experiences to get her to talk.
  • What is your hobby? Do you like watching movies, reading books or do you like to paint/ draw/ sing / dance depending on her interests? You could mention your hobbies, say, you could tell her if you’re interested in photography, some sport which you play regularly or like watching. Observe her and take agenuine It shows and reflects the kind of person you are. The more natural, smooth and honest you appear, there are more chances for the girl to get interested in you.

So, look for real conversation starters and be cool and stay calm to ensure a splendid first date.…

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