1.Finding A Good Wedding Videographer

Anyone who knows to switch on and off a camera can take a video, even kids take a lot of videos these days. However, these are amateurs and no one would give them the important job of wedding videography. There are some jobs which are best left to professionals.

However, not everyone is great and have enough experience to back it up. It is important to find a good wedding videographer. Where and how to find, a good professional videographer may be your question.  The answer lies below

  • Subscribe to many video websites. There are some exclusive sites where people post the videos they have taken and one can search based on location or theme of the wedding. A friend Got a great wedding videographer here. They did a thoroughly professional job.
  • Check with your wedding planner and photographer, they may have references to people whom they work with.
  • You can also do a generic search on the internet. However, this may throw up excellent ones and sometimes mediocre ones. The chance of getting a good videographer is poor compared to other methods.

Once you have chosen your videographer, it is important to have a discussion with them. This would really help you in finding out if your styles match. There are some questions which you should ask them before coming to an agreement, like

  • What kind of equipment and camera they will be using
  • How many shooters will be there, so that you can mix various angles and make a nice video
  • What would be the theme of the video?
  • Have they ever done a wedding at the same venue, if so then look at them
  • You should also look at their previous work
  • Do they have any references or they have worked with your wedding planner or photographer?

Thus, finding a good videographer is not such a big deal if you are clear on what you want and where to find them.