Month: February 2018

Marriage is the union of two bodies and two souls. It is possible that because the two people who have come from two different backgrounds and aspire to stay together under one roof that they may have slight compatibility issues in the beginning. They may have a little problem fitting in and also compromising with the other partner’s habits. This may take time. But it is also possible that matters that may look inconsequential may grow up to be so big that there are trust issues in the marriage and they have the ability o shake the very foundation of the marriage.

Let me give you an example:

My friend from college, Farah was a fun loving person. Even in college, she had profiles made on various social sites and matrimony sites like زواج. she kept getting great responses because she was not just beautiful in looks but was smart, sassy and could write creatively.

Now, it so happens that one of her cousins from the maternal side sent her parents a proposal to ask her hand in marriage and things simply worked out. After the Nikah was solemnized and the marriage consummated, Farah’s hubby Obaidullah came to know about her profile on the sites and her popularity there; he felt very insecure.

The marriage was on the rocks:

Farah managed the thing very well and she made it sure that Obaidullah was left with no complaints after she had a heart to heart discussion with him. She agreed to pull down her profile from all the sites and admitted to her mistake of overlooking not pulling them down earlier. She also undertook to pledge her commitment and dedication only for her husband.

Needless to say, Obaidullah was secure with the though and the gesture that Farah made and the couple are now having no trust issues whatsoever. When in doubt always talk and clear it out before it snowballs into something really too BIG.…


Everyone wants to look beautiful when it comes to going on a date or being asked on a date. Especially after having had a baby. You can have the best post-natal massage and be ready for your date. It might be a blind date or a night away from your little monsters with your spouse or a date on occasion of your golden anniversary, you just want to look stunning. Looking beautiful for a date is all about preparations and making yourself accessible to being hugged and kissed and loved. As we have all heard the saying “first impression is the last impression” and that is what dating is all about, the first impression that you make on the opposite person.

You cannot attract by just having a super tanned body or by applying a lot of perfume. When you are planning on starting your dating career you should be very careful about what you are experimenting or what beauty products you are willing to use. Here are few beauty tips you can use for your next date.

  1. Prepping Yourself: Best place to prep yourself is in the shower. Start by applying moisturizer mask or a Vitamin E oil to your face. The heat and steam from the shower will allow the pores to open for that extra moisturization that will penetrate your skin and make it really soft. With this, you can apply the whitening strip to your teeth to make it sparkling white and beautiful.
  2. Debloat By Soaking Yourself: If your feeling little bloated from previous meal take an Epsom salt bath. Fill the tub with hot water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt to your bath and sit in it for 10 minutes. The magnesium present in the salt will help remove all the toxins and excess fluid from your body.
  3. Exfoliate Yourself: Along with face having a smooth body will add that extra punch to your beautification. Use of scrub or an exfoliating glove to rub your body to remove any dead skin. This will also provide good blood circulation. Exfoliate your hands and legs and prepare them for manicure and pedicure.

Health and Beauty

Like women are never too happy with the natural shape of their body, the men are not far behind. Most men are obsessed with the size of their penis and would almost always wish they had an enhanced penis.

While surgery is not the best idea, penis enhancers have newly been introduced in the health industry. These penis extenders are available in many variations however, they have been proven to have a positive effect on the size of the penis. There have been many significant medical studies that have been conducted to back the fact that these penis extenders actually work.

The principle they work on is that these extenders facilitate the growth of cellular growth and enlargement as a repair mechanism for the micro tears caused due to the consistent stretching.

Though many may say that this is untrue or is not effective, there is scientific proof to confirm the fact that penis extenders work effectively. The key here is moderation.

There are many choices available, you can choose the best penis extender for your needs and follow the tips below to see some miraculous changes in the size of your penis.

  • Like with any other exercise, moderation is the key here. Always use the penis extender only for the prescribed amount of time. Using it for longer will not help get faster results but in fact, would increase the chances of injury.
  • Overstretching does not help: As much as you think, the more you stretch the faster results you would get is far from the truth. It would stretch your skin beyond comfort and end up with skin tears and other injuries. It will in no way help you get the results you are hoping for.

Penis extenders are not magical, they do not provide results overnight or even in a few days. Here consistency is the key. When you use it regularly with a comfortable stretch and for the prescribed amount of time you will surely get the length you were hoping for.…

Health Tips

Skin is precious for one and all. Gone are the days when skin care was restricted to just the women. Today, men have become conscious of their looks and want to be presentable too. They don’t mind spending time on beauty treatments and using products to take care of their skin.

One should learn about skincare before they decide if it is a necessity or a waste of time for men. Though there are people who still believe skin care is only for women, men require it too. Here are some reasons why:


Today men and woman pay equal attention to the way they look. Skin is a major contributing factor to your appearance. When you neglect your skin, it gets dried and unhealthy. This lack of care is visible and tells people around you that you don’t care much about yourself.

For a woman going on a date with you, this can be a sensitive issue as you are silently conveying to her that you don’t pay much attention to your health and appearance.


Men’s skin is not resistant to skin issues either. With the weather change and rise in pollution. Even tough-skinned men suffer from a variety of skin issues. If you want to keep such issues at bay, you need to spend some quality time, taking care of yourself and your skin.


When you have an unhealthy skin, it draws attention towards it. Today, with a number of products sold separately for men and women, the skin care industry has a good number of male customers too.

If your skin looks dry and patchy, people around you will know you are not taking enough care. This makes you less presentable than the other men in the room, who spend some time taking care of their skin. This can affect your progress at work front as you need to look presentable when you attend meetings and address other employees.…

Beauty Tips