Month: March 2018

When you are dating that perfect person and know where this relationship is headed, you tend to dream of the perfect wedding, get a pet together and sometimes even invest in a house together. When one can do all this with a person they are yet to be married to, why not appoint a photographer when you are dating?

I booked a wedding photographer when my husband and I were still dating.  It is when I was going through some photos clicked by Choco Studio that I decided I should have such wonderful photos of my wedding too. So, is this behavior of mine weird? I don’t think so.

Here is why I feel this is a great decision rather than a weird one:

By booking a wedding photographer while dating,

  • I was telling myself and my partner that we are definitely going ahead with the wedding and this was a way to show the commitment towards the wedding.
  • I had taken care of one of the biggest concerns of the wedding. I now have a photographer to fall back upon, and not worry about in the last minute along with the caterers and other people I have to coordinate with.
  • I had sufficient time to get trial session and come to an understanding of what will work out and what won’t for our venue, weather, settings, etc.
  • By having a wedding photographer by your side earlier than the actual wedding, we knew which photos were actually possible and which were just photoshopped. This helped us get in touch with reality and ensure our expectations were realistic and doable.
  • I could create a beautiful montage of our entire journey from the dating days to the wedding. This included our shopping, romantic dinners, gifts, planning, shopping, etc. so it was not just a few moments from the day of the wedding alone, it was the whole journey in a neat little package.