Day: April 1, 2018

The number of people who have started using the sex toys while being closer to their opposite gender has increased rapidly in the past few years and this is mainly because of the awareness they have about safe and fun sex. Yes, it is very important for all to practice this for they will not only help them have and experience the pleasure and joy of being together but also would help them have a safe relationship. And this is emphasized more on people who are in live-in relationships and who date. Everybody has an interesting and lovely story to narrate when comes to their first date and the first experience with their lady love and here is mine which is all about how I enjoyed my date with a butt plug. The following are few things that I understood and things that I would like to share with the others which I feel is very important for all couples dating.

  • Dating need not be always expensive. You do not have to explore and adventure your partner`s bank balances for your date for there is nothing to do with money and there is absolutely no connection between the money spent and a lovely relationship.
  • Using sex toys might be fun but only when both the man and the woman are comfortable and come to a consensus to use it for pleasure. In such cases, when they decide to come closer, using a butt plug or a dildo would actually be more fun and enjoyable. It would give them the confidence to perform well and they would never be put down. Thus the stress of proving or performing badly is completely warded off when a couple decides to use these toys to make their first impression the best one. You can visit the for more information on this.

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