Category: Matrimonial

Marriage is the union of two bodies and two souls. It is possible that because the two people who have come from two different backgrounds and aspire to stay together under one roof that they may have slight compatibility issues in the beginning. They may have a little problem fitting in and also compromising with the other partner’s habits. This may take time. But it is also possible that matters that may look inconsequential may grow up to be so big that there are trust issues in the marriage and they have the ability o shake the very foundation of the marriage.

Let me give you an example:

My friend from college, Farah was a fun loving person. Even in college, she had profiles made on various social sites and matrimony sites like زواج. she kept getting great responses because she was not just beautiful in looks but was smart, sassy and could write creatively.

Now, it so happens that one of her cousins from the maternal side sent her parents a proposal to ask her hand in marriage and things simply worked out. After the Nikah was solemnized and the marriage consummated, Farah’s hubby Obaidullah came to know about her profile on the sites and her popularity there; he felt very insecure.

The marriage was on the rocks:

Farah managed the thing very well and she made it sure that Obaidullah was left with no complaints after she had a heart to heart discussion with him. She agreed to pull down her profile from all the sites and admitted to her mistake of overlooking not pulling them down earlier. She also undertook to pledge her commitment and dedication only for her husband.

Needless to say, Obaidullah was secure with the though and the gesture that Farah made and the couple are now having no trust issues whatsoever. When in doubt always talk and clear it out before it snowballs into something really too BIG.…