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When comes to male chastity, there are no specific chastity rules and regulations and it is all about what the man has framed for his woman and what she has for his man. As all of us know, chastity is an understood concept when there is an equal understanding of both men and women because both of them play an important role here. And specifically, when the male uses a chastity device, he needs to get the consent of his girl before using it. Generally, females make the rules for their men and these are not specific but couple specific. So this can be framed as per the conveniences and desires of the male and female.

  • See to that he does not ask you to lie down on the bed for the climax. Never give him a chance for this. Instead see to that you keep him engaged with other fun-filled and exciting things like romance you, caress you and pamper you. Make him do things that would slowly wear you down, taking things off on you slowly step by step and slowly get into the ultimate act.
  • You can use the chastity devices to have the relationship taken till the climax but with no after effects. This is going to give you everything without a compromise on joy and excitement but definitely going to keep you within limits.
  • If you feel like being for a long time in bed with your spouse, then correctly gauge the time of his or her orgasm and try to slide a little away when it is time for it so that you do not get satisfied with what you want in a short time.

So these are general rules here at lockthecock and you can add some more to it with points and bullets comfortable and convenient for you.…

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