What To Ask A Girl On Your First Date

Are you nervously excited and happily anxious about your first date? Relax! It’s a very common feeling and more so if you are genuinely interested in the girl. Before you go searching for some first date questions to ask the girl, take a minute to read about what you should do to have a memorable, happy first date.

  • It is essential that you make your date speak. Be a good listener. Talk about yourself but ensure that there is an equal amount of conversation exchanges between the two of you.
  • If you’re really interested in this girl, you would want to know about her. So, it’s natural to ask questions. However, in your over-enthusiasm, do not go overboard and ask her too personal questions on sensitive issues which make her feel uncomfortable and defensive.
  • It is necessary to look natural and appear comfortable. Make her feel comfortable and do not be very aggressive or withdrawn. It is important to respect the other person’s need for space and make her feel secure and comfortable around you.

Now, that you have read the tips on how to conduct yourself during a conversation with your first date with this girl, let us look at some real questions, that you can ask depending on the situation and her comfort during the date.

  • What is your favorite holiday destination? What is the best holiday you’ve ever taken? Any funny embarrassing incidents that took place during your holiday? You could narrate your experiences to get her to talk.
  • What is your hobby? Do you like watching movies, reading books or do you like to paint/ draw/ sing / dance depending on her interests? You could mention your hobbies, say, you could tell her if you’re interested in photography, some sport which you play regularly or like watching. Observe her and take agenuine It shows and reflects the kind of person you are. The more natural, smooth and honest you appear, there are more chances for the girl to get interested in you.

So, look for real conversation starters and be cool and stay calm to ensure a splendid first date.